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Liber Enlightenment


Stop.  Pause.  Leave a lapse in time.  Let time relax.

Then go on.  And here it goes on.


I am revealed.  I am being.  I am created.  I am ended.  All is one.


Stop.  Stop.  Start.  Begin.  Creation, demand it, Creation!!

Cause and effect.  LOVE.  Just LOVE.  Just feel.  Experience.


Enlightenment?  Enlightement is intellectual drivel.  But we have established that drivel is the ebb of the universe.  Drivel is enlightenment.


Drivel?  No. Drivel is drivel.  True.  But drivel is enlightenment.


Enlightenment is the ebb of the universe, not some manifestation in a sensory organ in a vessel!  Ebb.  Ebb.  Flow.  Flow.  The universe flows on, with or without the self.  You can’t cause it, you can stop it.



A single word!

Would Universe settle for anything less?


Absolute simplicity.  One word for creation.  One point is absolutely everything.


Universe is simple.  There is no need to make it complex.  Any attempt to describe Universe uses more than one word, and thus utterly fails.  So many lives wasted at failed attempts.  Yet the attempts are not failures for all is the ebb of Universe.


Do not mistake the Ebb for “revelation.” So many fools have tread that path that the dirt is wearing through.  They Ebb with Universe for a few minutes and then devote the rest of their lives to trying to get others to Ebb to their tune.  So much time wasted.  Just Ebb!


It is all just universe acting..  Ebb.  Ebb... flow.  Just let the universe flow.