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Liber Time



Liber Thought


Do questions need answers?  No, they are the answers in themselves.


Look what words can do.  They record history.  They create thought.  They transmit thought.  Sometimes they are thought.


Do you see a thought? Run with the thought.  Record it.

Yes, of course recording it will change it.

But IT was created to be recorded!

And yes, the recording destroys it!

It was created to be destroyed!


Are all thoughts trying to communicate?

Communication is a meaningless concept.

However, all concepts are conceptualized.

All floating ideas should be conceptualized.

Conceptualization can only be strived for, but not realized.


Still, Communication is truth.

There is No truth.  Only truth.  Only meaning.

Meaning is meaningless.


Drivel.  Drivel recorded in time.  Drivel recorded in space.  So flows the ebb of the universe.


Language created itself.  Everything created itself.


All sets of words   are  just chaotic entities    thrown together.

Who threw them together?  You know who.  Who is meaningless.


Why destroy everything by marking it as meaningless?

To conceptualize.  Potentiality is vast. 


Why are waves, imprints, the ebb of Universe recorded?

An echo.  It’s all an echo.  An echo of Big Bang that created the echo that is the universe.


These are all words.

No they're thoughts.

They’re a Connection to everything.


So, onwards thoughts, onwards communication of thoughts!  Tick.  And here a connection is made underneath the layer of space-time.  Scary.  Lovely.  Beautiful.