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On Magus Riseís Creation of Magick


I glance at a blossom on a bush as I walk pass.  I look again.  I stop dead in my tracks.  The bush seems to be rippling, yet still appears solid as a rock.  I notice that the spirals of the bush twist in amazing chaotic patterns.  What chain of events in the evolutionary cycle has determined this complex geometry?  Suddenly, the spirals fade into the beauty of the bush, into the single point that meets every other at infinite majestic bliss.


Shit.  What the fuck was that?  A glitch in the play?  A chip in the paint of the set?


Well, fuck it.  If the plays already wrecked, I might as well mess up my lines.  Fuck this play, fuck this game.  Iím making up the rules now.  Iím writing the script.


Hey, you!  Wake up.  Destroy the set.  This reality is over!  A funny look.  A this-guy-is-insane look.  Jeez.  Donít you get it?  The play is wrecked!  You donít have to stick with the script anymore!  A funny look.  Guess heís just been emerged in the part for too long.


No matter.  I will just rip a whole in the set, rip a whole in space-time, so that everyone that walks past can see that its just a set, and theyíre a part of the play.


Magus Kepper then started the practice of Magick.  He  has never been seen since he wrote of this experience shortly before it actually happened.  With his disappearance, the true secrets of magick were lost.  So now all groups just make them up as they go.  Actually, it seems to work just as well (but only for the Disorder of Enachinurn, of course).