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Liber Creation


INSANITY.  Yes.  The universe is insane.  That's why it is beautiful.


Universe has happened it all before, it will happen it again; in many different vessels, in many different dimensions, in many different possibilities that never came into existence.


NOTE: You must tread lightly. Some thread of the universe are delicate.

SO?!  Destroy them.  Destruction is LIFE!  The end of the universe will allow another CREATION!


CREATION is CREATION and nothing else that is everything else.


HERE ends to time to create meaning for itself.

The dualities cancel, leaving only pure existence.


Indeed,  Creation is just the beginning.  Just wait for the beginning of the end.  THat's when the events will occur.


Destruction - IT is not to be feared, not to be loathed.  It allows creation.  If there was never a nothingness, there could not have been a creation for a somethng to arise from.


TRUTH?  Nay! Falsity.  Falsity is truth.


Truth, falseness.  The dualities will destroy each other.  And so a universe is created.


Creation is End.  There can be no distinction.

A laugh.  A feeling.  A Creation!  I love thee.