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Liber Metaprogram


Effect more change!


CHoose to choose.

A choice?  A choice. A life.

Seek the self.  Not manifestations.  Not spirits. Not Gods.  Seeketh thy self!!!!!!!!


A weapon?  Sounds terrifyingly dangerous.

Lovingly so.

Everyone is a magickal weapon.

You can cause a chain of events. You can event a change.

Event?  Invent.  They are one.

You are one.

There is no you, there is no I.

FUCK YOU.  I AM I.  So says the ego. The thought is creating I.  Did it end upon the writing?  Of course.


There is only universe.  Only actions.


What actions? The actions of the universe.


Should you open that door?

No, blow them all open.  Better yet, walk through them all.

Even better still, blow them all up so they can be created.




OH MY GOD!  What have done you?  Those locks may have been there for a reason.


Reason? Hah.  Reasons only beg for more reasons.  Abolish reason.


Actually, better to keep it.  It is a powerful tool.  Overused, yes, yet still powerfull.


All tools are powerful used properly.  The universe is potent. The universe is powerful because it is writing its own code.


Write your own code.  Itís the way of the universe.  Program your mind, program your identity, program yourself.  Metaprogram your world.


Ebb. Ebb.  Flow.